This Site is sharing the Free BGM for YouTube and YouTube live.

Hello,It’s me rana.I’m running the web sitesSoundEscape.I set this Homepage to share my 8bit or non 8bit tracks.As Main contents, you can use these free bgm for YouTube and YouTube live.You can use these bgm for games.In this site, I share the free bgm and you can use it free if you can DL bgm as free in this sites.Do not share these bgm directly, but please DL and then use it.

I use to made 8bit style bgm with MML(Music Macro Language).I use NES Sound Driver and Library mainly and make NSF(NES Sound Format). I use VirtuaNSF1022 for making wave files.

Caution and Terms of use.

You can not set these free BGM for youtube content ID.Because if you use it, other people can’t use these bgm as free. You can not also offering these free bgm for Spotfiy and other Streaming services.It recommended to credit site name “Sound Escape", and set the link for this web site.I didn’t force these recommendation especially you cannot use names and links with printed page and for school use.There are free bgm, so please do not sell it for purpose of getting money.You can share as you wish these free bgm if not as paid.You need to credit the name of site and author (rana) for sharing.

I’ ll add the terms of use when I feel to need.You can use there free bgm for adult use.(Like rated 18 games).

Enjoy for using!


Posted by rana